COVID-19 (Cornavirus) Updates

High Risk- RED- Following CDC Recommendations, Masks Highly Recommended

COVID Case Communication Protocol

**Updated Procedures January 2022**

Communication Changes

  • Low Risk Environments: Families will receive a classroom communication when a student in the class tests positive, but the District will no longer be identifying or specifically communicating with close contacts in low risk environments
  • High Risk Environments : Families will receive close contact communication. Students that are vaccinated will be able to continue with their regular schedule.
  • We will continue to update our cases on the District Covid Dashboard

For more information about the COVID protocols and permission forms for testing provided at school, please read the Covid Protocols Letter that was sent out to families in January.


The Board of Education voted to accept the Back-to-School COVID protocols recommended by Administration. As we have over the past school year, our approach will be focused on safety for both students and staff. Our goal is to keep students choosing to attend in-person five days a week in school. We realize that our plan needs to be fluid and flexible. With that being said we will start the year with the following guidelines for our instructional day inside all of our buildings.Low Masks recommended for All Students and Staff Masks Required on Buses Moderate  Masks Required for Students/Staff in Grades 6 and Below (may change as vaccination age changes) Masks Highly Recommended for Students and staff in Grades 7 and Above Masks Required on Buses Substantial (where we are currently - 8/9/21) Masks Required for All Students and Staff Masks Required on Buses High Masks Required for All Students and Staff Other Mitigation Strategies Increased Masks Required on Buses