Strategic Plan

This Strategic Plan provides Lincoln Consolidated Schools with a clear direction and road map and a means of navigating the district’s course for the future. Based on numerous hours and contributions from many district and community representatives, this plan is expected to help the district leadership, administration, faculty and staff members maximize the opportunities for students across the district and successfully traverse the challenges they face in the years ahead.


In February, 2018, the LCS Superintendent and School Board met with community stakeholders to discuss the district’s needs, mission, and timeline for the strategic planning process.

Following the initial meeting, the LCS invited committee participants who met from February 2018 through August 2018 in a series of committee-at-large and subcommittee meetings. To develop the Strategic Plan, the Committee:

  • Revisited the previous mission statement, vision, focus areas, and objectives (February, 2018)

  • Reviewed data presented by district leadership on the status of the district (February, 2018) 

  • Developed core values and revised LCS’s mission and vision statement, focus areas, objectives, measures, and initiatives through the planning process and analysis of current data (February –August, 2018)

  • Prepared final report of the Strategic Plan and presented the plan to the Strategic Planning Committee and the LCS Board of Education (August, 2018)

Over six months, the LCS Strategic Planning Committee completed a series of planning activities to determine the strengths of the district, the challenges it faces, the opportunities that exist, and the direction the district should take to accomplish its goals and vision for students. These activities included iterative, cumulative exercises that incorporated multiple perspectives and feedback from the community, resulting in a unified plan.

Nearly 60 district patrons participated in the Strategic Planning meetings in February and March, 2018. Information gathered at the public meetings included a focus on the need for consistent and constant communication from LCS and the importance of using the strategic plan to improve decision-making in the district and across schools. Subsequent feedback from forum participants informed the Committee’s final considerations for the Strategic Plan.

Strategic Planning Committee Members

Of those individuals invited to participate in the Strategic Planning Committee, 57 accepted the invitation. The Strategic Planning Committee included: 

  • Board Members (5)

  • Central Office (10)

  • School-level leadership (8)

  • Teachers (15)

  • Staff representatives (8)

  • Parents (9)

  • Student (1)

  • Community Organizations (1)

  • Community-at-Large representatives (1)

Committee members engaged individually in over 40 hours of meetings across six months. The list below presents the individual members of the Strategic Planning Committee.

Board of Education

Yoline Williams

Jennifer LaBombarbe

Allie Sparks

Thomas Rollins

Laura VanZomeren

Central Office

Sean McNatt

Vicki Coury
Central Office

Ty Smith
Central Office

Julia Butler
Human Resources Director

Tammy Holcomb

Christine Grajczyk
Community Education

Adam Snapp
Finance Director

Phil Bongornio
Facilities Director

Nik Jackson
Technology Director

Robert Williams
Student Services Supervisor

Chris Westfall
Athletic Director

Kevin Upton
Curriculum Director


Candy Ebeler
Transportation Director

Debbie Brunell
Bus Driver

Community Members

Isaac London
Member of Community

Libby Woods
Bemis Farms

Lincoln High School

Nicole Holden

Carrie Wollam
Assistant Principal

Regina Winbornr
Assistant Principal

Teresa Jackson
High School Teacher

Mike Weathers
High School Teacher

Robert Levitt
Parent High School

Jordan Levitt
Student High School

Jennifer Gorman
Parent High School

Shanna McNally
Parent High School

Melia Williams
High School Student

Bishop Elementary

Robert Jansen
Bishop Principal

Paula Robinette
Bishop Teacher Consultant

Heather Smith
Bishop Teacher

Danielle Cole
Bishop Teacher

Mike Mayo

Patty Burns

Karensa Smith

Brick Elementary

David Northrop
Brick Principal

Dawn Johnson
Brick Teacher

Carol Ryburg
Brick/Bishop Technology Teacher

Jody Churchville

Childs Elementary

Mary Aldridge
Principal Childs

Heather Moore
Parent Childs

Matt Bentley
Parent Childs

Susan Hopkins

Rochelle Sancho

Cindi Throne

Suzanne LaFrance

Kelly Gubbin
Parent Childs

Model Elementary

Kerry Shelton
Model Principal

Ronda Selte
Model GSRP Teacher

Amy Stamps
School Psychologist

Donnelle Lemke

Lincoln Middle School

Tim Green
Middle School Principal

Andrea Adams
Middle School Teacher

Nancy Kopytko
Middle School Teacher

Lori Ferguson
Dean of Students Middle School

Cindi Adcock
Middle School Teacher

Brian Westphal
Parent Middle School

Nathan Soos
Middle School Teacher

T J Rollins
Middle School Student