Principal Green's Monthly Newsletter

September 2022


The Best Year Ever!  As I’ve reflected on my past 6 years at Lincoln Middle, it has been quite the experience.  I have seen some amazing things happen pre-covid and even more outstanding things in the midst of the pandemic.  While the last 2 years have been a rollercoaster ride for all of us, we have preserved and have been more resolute and determined to return to our normal lives. We know there will be many more challenges ahead relating to covid but we are confident and assured that we can and will win against this horrible virus. Our district will continue to work to ensure the safety of each and every student, staff, and community stakeholder while they are on Lincoln's school grounds.  Together, we truly can make this “The Best Year Ever”.

"Party is on August 18th".  We had a live DJ, popcorn, cookies, popsicle sticks, chips, and ice-cold water.  The event was well attended by students, parents, board members, staff, and central administration.  I was able to speak with many students and parents about all the wonderful things we have planned this year.  The purpose of the block party was to get students out of the house, start the year off in a fun and jovial frame of mind, and get students to do more “socialization” with their peers.  Research shows that students are struggling to understand the importance of basic interactions with others outside of a phone or device.  We must find ways to prepare them for the larger society as we live in a world where collaboration, diversity, and inclusion are key character traits they will need moving forward.  We also wanted to use that time to connect with parents/guardians to meet and greet in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. 

New student orientation WEB (6th graders and NEW 7/8 graders) was FRIDAY, AUGUST 26 from 8 am to noon. This was a student-only activity and parents were encouraged to stay for the parent meeting in our cafeteria.  Both events were well attended and I know all our new students and parents benefited from these two orientations.  Our WEB program is an essential part of our building in helping incoming 6th graders and new 7/8 graders get familiar with our building, as they navigate and find their place in our environment. 

As students begin to start the new school year, please make sure you review the Student Code of Conduct with them.  The Student Code of Conduct is designed to ensure students are safe, kind, and cooperative with staff, their peers, and with any stakeholders that are on school property.   When students are aware and familiar with expectations in the Code of Conduct, they are able to adhere to policies.  It is very important that students understand and adhere to the dress code and cell phone policy.   Students are expected to put their cellular phones away before they enter the building.  The Code of Conduct was reviewed with students at our annual hallway assemblies on August 30th.   Our assemblies were very interactive and engaging which is hopeful and encouraging.   Parents, your assistance in helping your student understand these expectations is greatly appreciated.

Also, one of our biggest initiatives this year is to ensure diversity, equity and inclusion occur routinely within our buildings.  At the middle school, we want all students to feel safe and comfortable expressing themselves and we must teach them to respect each other, even if they are different from them.  At Lincoln, we want all our students to be world citizens and to work collaboratively with each other.  We strive to ensure all students in our district will develop these six-character traits- Critical Thinking, Empathy, Collaboration, Global Citizens, Adaptability, and Communication.  We believe that these traits will help them become the best version of themselves as they grow into adulthood.

In addition, we are so pleased with everyone for your patience as we work through our transportation issues.  I want to say thank you to our community for displaying patience, kindness, and consideration to ensure our students are safe.  When students are exiting your vehicle, please try to make sure they exit at the curb as this will minimize the chances of an accident occurring.  Student safety is our first priority. 

Lastly, I want to personally thank all our staff, students, parents, and community partners for attending our Open House on Wednesday, August 31st.  It was great to see and hear all the wonderful conversations being spoken about our students.  I also spoke with many parents and I was blown away by the level of enthusiasm and hope for an outstanding year.  The first three days of school have been awesome and we want to continue that momentum.  With this as a small sample size, I am confident that this will be “The Best Year Ever”!

Dates to Remember……:

  • September 1- Picture Day
  • September 2nd and 5th No School
  • September 14th-28th - NWEA Testing
  • September 15th-October 15th-National Hispanic Heritage Month
  • September 16th- Early Release Day
  • September 21st- PS3 meeting 6 pm Media Center
  • September 23rd- Ice Breaker Dance- 5:30pm-7:30 pm
  • September 30th- Popcorn Friday

October 2022 Newsletter

LMS Parent Newsletter October 2022 October brings the most beautiful autumn colors. It is that time of the year when we enjoy the cool weather, and gather at fall events to celebrate and it is full of fun and excitement in the community.
In terms of academics, we are in full swing after we took the first two weeks of school to focus primarily on relationship building throughout our community. We also completed the Measure of Academic Progress Test- NWEA to assess where our students are in academics to inform our daily instruction and focus. I encourage you to communicate with your student’s teachers on a regular basis to ensure they are making the academic progress and connections essential to their growth, which includes their social-emotional well-being.
On October 28th we will complete the first semester. The first “Student of the Month” celebration is in person on October 19th at 9:30 am.
We are so excited to have parents back in the building to attend this honor celebration with their students. I look forward to seeing all the recipients and their parents for this celebration. Please note we are only allowing 2 family members per student. Thank you for your cooperation in advance.

We will also celebrate the harvest season with our “Trunk or Treat” event on Wednesday, October 26th at 9:30 am. The PS3 group has been advertising this event for some time and more specifics are forthcoming. We ask that every parent donate a bag of candy for this event.

Parent Teacher Conferences are on October 27th in the evening (4 pm to 7 pm). It is imperative that parents come and be a part to discuss their student’s progress thus far with their teachers. This is the time to ask questions and build a strong alliance with your student’s teacher (s). Please remember that you are able to spend 15 minutes with your student’s teacher. If you require more time that will need to be arranged with that individual teacher.

Vaping is a major problem in all schools today. At the middle school, we are seeing and learning that students are using vaping and accessories at a higher rate. Although we do not know the percentage of students that are vaping, we do know we must ensure our students are aware of this potential epidemic. Recently, I have spoken to parents and students both at Lincoln and other places and they advised that students are vaping as early as the second grade. Moreover, many students are also using marijuana through smoking mechanisms, as well as edibles. We are working on several things to educate and eliminate the use of vaping in our building/district. We will again have assemblies that talk about the dangers of vaping, how it is being marketed to our students, and the short and long effects it can have on students' health. These assemblies will be Friday, October 14th. Again, our purpose is to inform and give students real information about vaping. Vaping is prohibited at Lincoln Consolidated Schools and is against the Student Code of Conduct. Please make sure you are speaking with your student about this most important social/ health topic. Moreover, in the interest of serving the social-emotional learning (SEL) needs of our students, we have implemented restorative practices to help them resolve conflicts. These practices also include processes to aid students in taking ownership of their behavior and engaging in acts of empathy and forgiveness. Many of the staff have been or are being trained to utilize restorative practices in their classrooms, to assist in managing the personal growth and development of our students. We are excited about this new discipline method in our building.

Lastly, I want to thank everyone for their support and hard work in making September a successful and exciting month for our students. We are grateful for all the support from the following parents that volunteered to chaperone for the Middle School Ice Breaker last month. We had well over 300 students that attended this event. Please join me in recognizing them.
The names are as follows:
Decorations: Led by PS3 Member at Large,
Cassondra Paylor, and assisted by: Melissa Johnson, Merrika Brown, Julia Koumbassa and Chalise Meckl
Dance Chaperones:
Jason Moore
Amanda Allen
Melissa Johnson
Connie McGuire
Nita Sims
Lyla Rickman
Tina Price
Merrika Brown
Pam Lewis
Chalise Meckl
Cassondra Paylor
Kim Dunn
Heather Silander

  • Please do not forget that Wednesday, October 5th is Count Day. It is important that your student is in school so that they will be counted.
  • Our school fundraiser started September 21 and ends October 5. All proceeds from our school fundraiser help support our school programs.
  • LMS will have its first Fall Harvest Festival Thursday, October 13th from 3:00 pm to 4:30 pm. The cost to attend is $3. More information is forthcoming.
  • The first “Student of the Month” celebration is in person on October 19th at 9:30 am.
  • Parent Teacher Conferences are on October 27th in the evening
    (4 pm to 7 pm)
  • On October 28th we will complete the first semester. 

Principal Green

November 2022


The first quarter marking period ended on October 31, 2022! I want to congratulate all students and staff on a successful quarter. Congratulations to those students that received honor roll status for the 1st quarter. I want to encourage those students that did not keep working hard and good things academically will happen to you as well! Thank you to all our parents that came to Parent  Teacher Conferences. Attendance was solid but could always be better. Parents, if you were not able to attend conferences, please make sure you communicate with your student’s teachers to schedule a conference to ensure they will have the best opportunity for success during the second quarter. It is imperative that consistent communication with your student’s teachers ensures they are doing their best and builds a strong school/home relationship!  

We have concluded our fall sports and I want to congratulate all our student-athletes for a great fall season! A special thank you to all coaches and volunteers for working with our student-athletes and helping them grow as young people. Your impact as coaches and role models will not show its real value until later down the road in their lives!  

Our Trunk or Treat event was a great success! We had over 20 adults who volunteered for the event on October 26th. We passed out more than 25,000 pieces of candy, to the middle school students. This could not have occurred without the generous donations of our community. We also had a successful Boo Gram campaign with more than 400 grams sent out. A special thank you to our volunteers and PS3 leadership team for helping ensure the event was outstanding. Below are the  names of some of the volunteers:  

Kasi Zuniga, Aaron Campbell, Melissa Johnson, Jessy Schultz, Lex Jensen, Chad & Chelsea  Leffler, Cass Paylor, Chalese Meckl, Steve and Briana Jones, Andrea Short, Sarqlyn Ross, Kelley  Hambright, Amanda Brown, Memia Brown, Holly Smallman- Tedrick, Alyron Osborne, April  Wall. We could not have done this without you and we sincerely appreciate your service to our community.

Please join me in congratulating all our September Student of the Month (SOTM) recipients.  SOTM winners are not chosen based on grades but can include academics. The winners are based on character, leadership, citizenship, and kindness to their fellow peers and staff. Our aim is to

capture young people who display strong character traits that are consistent and positive. The  names are as follows 

6th Grade Students of the Month for September 2022

Samuel Bass, Teagan Brooks, Makayla Bruno, Nathaniel Burns, Elizabeth Elkins, Ava Hizer,  Ian McGuire, Kenneth McQuaid, Lylyanne Shadley, Addison VanHevel, Lauren Westbrook,  Chase White

7th Grade Students of the Month for September 2022

Evelyn Carlstedt, Dalaija Carter, Jalaija Carter, Trenton Cole, Mikayla Gatchel, Lily Kuhrt,  Hannah Kulback, Meadow Merritt, Mikailyn Rodriguez, Travis Rogers, Mya Simon, La’Maria  Williams

8th Grade Students of the Month for September 2022

Anail Boston, Tariq Evans, Joselyn Florian, Aurora Gannon, Elijah Grimmett, Charles Harding,  Nicole King, Manasse Mayaka, Jason Newton, Anyelle Peet, Za Riah Prather, Braelen Russell,  Tamia Thomas, Leonard Tieking

 November is the start of our holiday season! Parents, please take this time to explain to your student the importance of community service, gratitude, and empathy for those less unfortunate than themselves. If possible, please try to find a place where they can volunteer their personal time to help at a senior citizen home, soup kitchen, or homeless shelter in the spirit of giving back. Teaching students to be world citizens is paramount to their overall development as young people.  

Please do not forget to exercise your right to vote. The midterm elections are Tuesday, November  8th.

We want to thank everyone who participated in the fall fundraiser at the middle school. The fundraiser was from September 22nd thru October 5th. Our top five winners were:

TOP 5 

Joslynn Bester 

Jamie Bruck 

Izzabell Vieira 

Aubrey Taylor 

Sara O'Connor 

We also had 24 students that sold at least 10 items.  

Please review our weekly newsletter and mark your calendar to ensure you are aware of all the happenings.  Happy Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones!

Principal Green

Parent Newsletter December 2022
     One more month, and we will begin a New Year. Now that Thanksgiving and Black Friday have passed, we are now gearing up for the most festive time of the year. The month of December is enjoyed by many people worldwide and generally is the most wonderful time of the year. This time of the year is also one of the saddest times for many as well. As we prepare to celebrate all that this month brings, it is imperative that we keep safety as our number one priority. There will be many school activities such as concerts, plays, sporting events, and the like in our community during this month.

Likewise, our economy is struggling and inflation is really high. Unfortunately, we are trending in the direction of a recession but I am hopeful that will not be the case. Parents, please make sure that students know the importance of being a good citizens and helping others during this time. We want our students to be world citizens and have empathy and compassion for those less fortunate than themselves. We are working to develop the best human beings that are socially, emotionally, and academically sound young people. Your help is essential to this process and we are grateful for your support and assistance.

Also, while you are shopping and enjoying yourselves during this season, please be mindful and careful when you go out. Your safety is your first priority and you need to be aware of your surroundings at all times. We are wishing every one of our students and their families a healthy and safe holiday season. Do not forget to focus hard on the last three weeks in December. Finishing 2022 on a high note is a prelude to an exciting and outstanding 2023.

Additionally, old man winter has arrived! It is important that students come to school dressed for the weather. I am seeing too many students not wearing the proper clothing during arrival and dismissal from school. We are trying to keep students from becoming sick and trying to alleviate potential coughs and viruses. We do not want our students or staff members getting sick by contracting illnesses from students that are not properly dressed. Please remember students are not allowed to wear their coats in the classroom. All buildings and classrooms in a large school building have an inconsistent flow of air causing some rooms to be either colder or hotter. A nice jacket or hoodie is all they will need to address any temperature concern.

I want to thank all the male guardians that attended the Bowling With Dudes on Friday, December 2nd at the Lodge Lane Bowling Alley. It was an outstanding event to see all the great interactions between the male representatives and our students. A special thank you and kudos to Mr. Bentley and Mr. Moore, Lincoln Board Members who were the individuals that organized the event. It was a festive and jovial event and I cannot wait for the next event. Kudos to our PS3 team for helping promote this outstanding event.
Lastly, please join me in congratulating our Students of the Month on November 16th. We are proud of their accomplishments, and we want to salute them and their parents for encouraging them to be leaders and role models for our building. The names are as follows:

6th Grade Students of the Month for October 2022 Yousef Bero, Laynie Boggs, Anthony Hoyer, Colten Hyde, Maggiemae McMillian, Elyse Moore, Finn Nowakowski, Brooklyn Phillips, Matthew Samuelson, Mya Stover

7th Grade Students of the Month for October 2022 Ronen Beltran, Paloma Gonzalez Haske, Bentley Higgs, Trevor Mikel, Leah Norris, Nalah Stafford

8th Grade Students of the Month for October 2022 Oriana Brown, Delylah Castro, Xavier Davis, Keymiah Deas, Michael Foley, Lauren Olma, Bria Powell, Jaxsen Rice

We have several events occurring this month at the middle school. Please be sure to check out the website and read our weekly parents’ newsletter. It is sent out electronically each week. On behalf of the middle school administration and staff, we want to wish everyone a safe holiday season!!! Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa, and Happy Hanukkah!

January Newsletter

Family Connection January 2023

Happy New Year!!!

The new year is the opportunity to refresh and reset!   I hope that everyone had an opportunity to relax, spend quality time with loved ones, and were able to get some much-needed rest.  This is a time when many people try to start the year off on a positive note and establish new goals for the year.  I am excited about all the new opportunities this new year brings for Lincoln Middle School students, families, and staff. 

There are a few weeks left in the first semester, so it is very important that students come back to school ready to finish this semester out strong.  Please talk with your students about the importance of finishing the semester off on a high note.  More importantly, please make sure you review the student code of conduct with them.  A lot tends to happen while students are out on breaks. Please encourage them to use positive conduct/behavior to school that upholds the student's code of conduct.  We want to provide students with a safe and orderly school environment.  Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

Please mark your calendars for the evenings of January 12th, February 16th, and March 23rd in room 200 at LHS for in-person Strategic Planning meetings. These meetings are designed to bring all stakeholders together to develop a strategic plan based on the notion of The Portrait of A Graduate.  Invitations have been sent out, but if you really would like to be a part of this wonderful opportunity to work collaboratively with our Lincoln family, please email me at  Let’s start the New Year with a positive, energy-filled experience.  I look forward to hearing from you.  

Please join me in welcoming Mrs. Latiece Howard to our building.  Mrs. Howard is a social worker with many years of experience working in urban and suburban schools throughout her years as an educator.  She is available to assist students in an array of ways, but more specifically in their social-emotional capacity.  She will be very instrumental in her support of the school environment to make all students feel safe, excited, and eager about school.  Mrs. Howard began working with students, staff, and families the week before our holiday break.

Additionally, I would like to announce the retirement of Mr. John Malbone.  Mr. Malbone retired from Lincoln Consolidated Schools in December.  We thank him for all the wonderful times we shared and his commitment to enriching the lives of students and families. Mr. Malbone, we will certainly miss you.  

This is such a difficult message to write for such a wonderful person.  Mrs. Kelly Huling, our omnicompetent secretary will be retiring on February 3rd.  I have worked directly with Mrs.Huling for 5 plus years and I can truly say it has been a pleasure working with her.  She has made my job so much easier on so many different levels.  She has made life so much better for our staff and students by doing her job routinely and at the highest level.  Please drop by the office, send a note, email, or whatever you feel compelled to do so, to show your appreciation.   She will be missed by our school community for sure.  We love her and wish her nothing but the best during her retirement!

Next month is recognized as Black History Month.  There will be a number of things planned throughout the month that will highlight significant experiences and contributions that African Americans have made to the world.  On Monday, February 13th, we will recognize National African American Parent Involvement Day (NAAPID) at the middle school.  We have not finalized plans for this day, but please mark your calendar.  Our plans will include activities in the building that families can attend.  It will be a fun day for our students and guests!  Please make sure you read our weekly updates that are sent electronically each week for more specifics as our plans evolve.   Thank you for all your support and we look forward to seeing everyone soon.

I look forward to our continued success throughout 2023!  

Go Railsplitters!  

Principal Green