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January 2022- Happy New Year!

December was a busy month for middle school.  I hope and trust that everyone had a safe and restful holiday season.  My thoughts are that everyone will be rested and energized for all the new possibilities this year will bring. Please remember that every day is a new experience and an opportunity to make a positive difference in your life and the lives of others.   A new year is a time for renewal and hope for the future, leaving all the events of the past in the rearview mirror.  

As we continue to navigate this pandemic, remember to take time for self-care.   We understand that this pandemic will be with us for some time moving forward, but we do not have to let it stagnate us.  We still need to be mindful of the school’s protocols related to the pandemic.  We ask that you remind your students of those protocols and adhere to them.  Additionally, if you need to speak with a staff member or administration, please call or email your request so that we can accommodate you.  Virtual meetings are also available for your convenience.

There are only three weeks of school remaining for the semester.  Please stress the importance to your student of ensuring all assignments are completed and turned in to his/her teacher. The Measure of Academic Performance test known as NWEA will be scheduled soon.  Students will be tested on Math, Science, and ELA. These assessments are important as they provide data on growth margins for our students.  Once the tests are completed, your student will receive a growth report.  Please partner with our school to support your student’s growth. 

Students will be out of school on Friday, January 7th for professional development training for the district.  There also will be no school on Monday, January 17th in observance of Martin Luther King Day as well as Monday, January 24th for teacher’s record day.  The end of the semester is January 21st. 

We will have assemblies this month focusing on vaping.  We are in the process of finalizing the schedule.  Many students and adults are struggling with vaping and are unfortunately addicted at this point.  We want to ensure our students are aware of the dangers and health implications of vaping. You will be notified of the schedule through school messenger and will forward any resources about the assembly. 


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Parent Newsletter December 2021

I hope all is well with your family at the present time.  Just a reminder that due to our covid protocols, parents are required to make an appointment to see an administrator or teacher at this time.  We have absolutely no problem meeting with parents about their student(s), we just need to make sure we are following the protocol that has been established by our district.  Teachers or administration will not be able to meet with you without an appointment.  Please understand that we do appointments so when we meet, we are prepared and better able to address your concern(s) fully and without interruption.   Every parent feels his or her situation is important, which it is but if we already have a meeting scheduled, how is that fair to the parents who scheduled their meeting?  We are always encouraged to have parents partner with the school; we just need to be respectful of everyone’s time.   

With the fall season ending and the Thanksgiving holiday behind us, and with weeks before our holiday break, we are gearing up for an exciting month of December.  The holiday time can be a time of excitement for many but also a time of anguish and disappointment for others.   As we prepare for the holiday season, please stay abreast of the many activities in and around our school and community.  It is imperative that you remember to think about safety first!  Not only are we still living in a pandemic, but we are living in very challenging economic times and some people are desperate and willing to do anything and everything to acquire a few material possessions.  I would ask that you speak with your student about the importance of humility and services to others.   We have a responsibility to develop well-rounded students academically and socially.  Also, please remember to be careful when you go shopping at the mall, or out for social gatherings during the holiday season and stay mindful of your surroundings.  Your safety and the safety of others must be a priority during this holiday season. 
We wish you Good Health, Safety, and Prosperity in This Season and for The New Year.

Parent’s Corner

With the Christmas holiday break just around the corner, please stress the importance of academic excellence to your students.  Parents, please be sure to ask your student about what he or she learned in school each day, as students are doing some incredible things and learning a lot.  Also, students are only in school for the month of December for 13 days.  We are asking that you make sure your student is here daily and on time.  School starts at 8 am and they need to be present for home base.  There is a lot of valuable information that is disseminated during home base time, so please make sure your student is on time daily.  Students tend to slack off right before the holiday break and we cannot let valuable instructional time go to waste.  Your assistance is very much appreciated. 

Likewise, that winter is staring us in the face, I am asking that you make sure your student comes to school properly dressed.  During morning arrival, I see many students coming to school without a coat.  We understand that it is your decision as a parent if your student wears a coat or not, but I do not want them getting sick which could spread to other students as well as staff members. Additionally, please review the code of conduct and dress code with your student.  We have seen several students wear pajamas and other clothing items that are prohibited in Lincoln Middle School.   Students are not permitted to wear their coats in the classrooms, so make sure they wear the proper clothing for their comfort level.  


Students were recognized by their teachers for Student of the Month.  Please join me in congratulating them. 
The names are as follows. 

6th Grade Students of the Month for September 2021: Kara Bolton, Jaslene Bowring, Marina Echegoyen, Mikayla Gatchel, Karter Hambright, Jordan Kulback, Jackson Sullivan, Juliet Towns, Udoka Uzoma, Khalil Woods.  7th Grade Students of the Month for September 2021 Yasmine Anbari, Lytzi Camacho, Layla Creager, Brett Jones, Nicole King, Zaria McWilliams-Moon, Jackson Soos, Makayla Sperle, Hailey Youtsey, Addison Zalob.  8th Grade Students of the Month for September 2021: Caroline Bernard, Kiefer Bruckner, Matthew Burt, Thomas Chapman, Justice Hunt, Kenny Johnson, Devin Lewis, Cecilia Mikel, Quran Mills Coward, Melani Moreno Gonzalez, Kaiden O'Banner, Xavier Roberts, Lana Stanley, Jadikah Thomas

6th Grade Students of the Month for October 2021: Ashgan Atiefa, Rashelle Brooks, Jabrail Cadwell, Jeremy Durr, Jordan Freeman, Julianna Guidry, Carissa Johnson, Jeremiah Julius, Hannah Kulback, Lyla McVeety, Trevor Mikel, Skylar Miller, Destiny Roberson, Grayson Warmenan, Violetta Yanity. 7th Grade Students of the Month for October 2021: Lucas Baker, Kayden Bentley, Alexa Duczyminski, Faith Hunt, Lauren Jones, Levi Munro, Robert Olschanski, Drew Palmquist, Cory Pritchett, Johnathan Spencer 8th Grade Students of the Month for October 2021:  Aiden Abraham, Braylon Berkley, Jaeden Beltran, Talan Blackwell, Meagan Kronsperger, Stefano Marino Arce, Rhyan Smith, Ariana Travis, Ava Zalob

“You have BRAINS in your HEAD. You have FEET in your SHOES. You can STEER yourself any DIRECTION you CHOOSE”. -Dr. Seuss

Thank you for being role models to our student body!

We will have a parent meeting on December 15th at 6 pm in the cafeteria.  This is an opportunity for parents and administration to meet address any concerns, ideas, and other school-level academic/activity initiatives.  We look forward to seeing as many parents as possible.


I want to say thank you to everyone that participated in our late fall fundraiser.

Our total sales = $ 7,640

Top Sales:  Jonathan Smith

Golden sticker winners:

Jackson Sullivan

Anna Uhl

27 Candy bar winners

We also had 10 students earn the Game Truck based on the level of their individual selling.


December 9th- Middle School Band Concert- 6 pm PAC

December 10th- Middle School Holiday Dance- Cafeteria 6 pm to 8 pm

December 14th- Middle School Winter/Holiday Choir Concert- 7 pm PAC

December 17th- Middle School Decorating Contest-TBA

Please refer to the athlete calendar for all athletic events.

Community Education Programs



October Newsletter

Principal Green’s Monthly Newsletter

October 2021

The first 5 weeks of school have come and gone. It has been a very busy and exciting time at middle
school. Everyone is getting used to being back in school again and involved with our daily routine of
regular schooling. During this short time period, our goal was to get acclimated into the normal school
day and learning environment. Teachers spent a lot of time getting to know their students and supporting their social-emotional learning. It would really help teachers if you can routinely review your student(s)
code of conduct and ensure the procedures are followed.
We have also made a conscious effort to support our staff as well as we continue to navigate in the world of COVID-19.

I want to thank our families and the community at large for supporting us with our transportation concerns. Our transportation department is working diligently to provide students with transportation so they can get to school on time. As we get closer to the winter months, your cooperation and support will be more important as the weather becomes more challenging.

We just concluded Measure of Academic Performance (MAP) testing through NWEA. We are analyzing the results to assist teachers with strategic plans that are standard-based and applicable for students’ growth and development. We know that all students have struggled nationally with virtual learning, but
we’re optimistic that better days are ahead. As a reminder, NWEA is a standardized testing mechanism that helps educators identify a student's academic strengths and opportunities for enhanced growth.
Please be sure to ask your student’s teachers about their NWEA results.
NWEA is given 3 times annually- Fall, Winter, and Spring.

Our first parent meeting for this year will be on Thursday, October 7th at 5:30 pm. This meeting will be held virtually. If you would like to attend, please email or Please note that a decision on whether future conferences will be in person or virtually has not been finalized.

We have many wonderful activities planned for this month but welcome all new ideas and assistance from all families. The following events/activities are planned for October:
Student of the Month- TBD
Why Not Campaign- TBD

Trunk and Treat- Tentatively October 26th or 27th
Parent-Teacher Conferences- October 27th and 28th

Volunteers are needed to assist during our look schedule- 10:30 am to 1:30 pm.  If you are interested, please advise.

Additionally, we have always had very big events in the past at middle school.  We really want you to help us make these events memorable and full of fun for our students.  Please plan to attend the first meeting, we would like to establish committees for all our events.  Whatever you can contribute to our efforts, is greatly appreciated. 


Happy Halloween!!!   

Hello Middle School Students, Families and Staff,

Welcome Back!!!  It is a privilege to say hello and welcome everyone back for another year of teaching and learning at Lincoln Middle School.  I am excited to start my 5th year as the building principal and to ensure we focus on the whole child academically, behaviorally, and socially.  My main goal is to ensure that social-emotional learning and care are available to all community stakeholders while assuring we address the academics and uncertainty of our health crisis that is prevalent throughout the world.  

The past year has been very challenging for all as we battled how to educate ourselves and students during a global pandemic.  Although no one could have predicted this would truly come to be, we dug in and worked collaboratively to provide students with an educational platform under very stressful times.  I am very happy to say our staff and community did an outstanding job working within these parameters to provide students with a good educational experience in spite of the many obstacles. For this reason and many more, we have grown and are better for it.  

As we look forward to the 21-22 school year, we are excited to have students back into the building!  We understand that this will be an exciting time for all, but for some a time of adjustment and perhaps some anxiety.  Please rest assured we will help students and parents navigate this time period.  We also know that many students worldwide have struggled and there will be some learning gaps due to our past experience but as we work together I am optimistic that our students will show good growth both academically and socially this year.  

In addition, we will have our extracurricular activities available for students.  All sporting teams and after-school clubs will be made available for students in the fall.  We will continue with our Students of the Month recognitions which will begin in October.  We will also have a Fall Icebreaker and Open House (after school dance-6 pm-8 pm) in early September as well as our Trunk and Treat (October) and our Why You Matter campaign.   We are looking for family members to be involved with our Parent Group.  We will meet only once a month and you are welcome and encouraged to have a voice in your child's educational experience.  Mrs. Diane Cofield has been our parent leader for the last 3 years and she has done a fabulous job.  Please get involved and help us make your student's educational experience the best it can be.  We will share more about the Parents’ Group at the student orientation.  When you come to our student orientation, you will be able to sign up and learn more about it.

Finally, let's remember that we are supporting middle school students and we must not put too much-added pressure on them to be perfect, but ensure we support them along this journey.  As your principal, I implore you to be more focused on your student’s application of learning and collaboration skills more than grades at this time.  Middle School is a challenging time for all young people, make sure we remember this as we navigate these new waters together.  

As many of you know,  my door is always open for comments and suggestions which support students and the community.  Let’s go Railsplitters!!!

Please see the following important dates and mark your calendar accordingly:

Wednesday and Thursday, August 18th & 19th

8th grade Web Training- 8 am - Noon

Monday, August 23rd

6th-grade Orientation- 8 am to 12 pm: Note( open to new students as well)

Monday, August 30th

First Day of School!!!  

Wednesday, September 1st

Open House- 6 pm to 8 pm (Come meet your student’s teachers!)

Friday, September 10th

Why You Matter Ice Breaker Dance- 6 pm to 8 pm -Tentatively
(Let’s have some fun!)


Tim K. Green, Principal