Principal Green's Monthly Newsletter

September 2022


The Best Year Ever!  As I’ve reflected on my past 6 years at Lincoln Middle, it has been quite the experience.  I have seen some amazing things happen pre-covid and even more outstanding things in the midst of the pandemic.  While the last 2 years have been a rollercoaster ride for all of us, we have preserved and have been more resolute and determined to return to our normal lives. We know there will be many more challenges ahead relating to covid but we are confident and assured that we can and will win against this horrible virus. Our district will continue to work to ensure the safety of each and every student, staff, and community stakeholder while they are on Lincoln's school grounds.  Together, we truly can make this “The Best Year Ever”.

"Party is on August 18th".  We had a live DJ, popcorn, cookies, popsicle sticks, chips, and ice-cold water.  The event was well attended by students, parents, board members, staff, and central administration.  I was able to speak with many students and parents about all the wonderful things we have planned this year.  The purpose of the block party was to get students out of the house, start the year off in a fun and jovial frame of mind, and get students to do more “socialization” with their peers.  Research shows that students are struggling to understand the importance of basic interactions with others outside of a phone or device.  We must find ways to prepare them for the larger society as we live in a world where collaboration, diversity, and inclusion are key character traits they will need moving forward.  We also wanted to use that time to connect with parents/guardians to meet and greet in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. 

New student orientation WEB (6th graders and NEW 7/8 graders) was FRIDAY, AUGUST 26 from 8 am to noon. This was a student-only activity and parents were encouraged to stay for the parent meeting in our cafeteria.  Both events were well attended and I know all our new students and parents benefited from these two orientations.  Our WEB program is an essential part of our building in helping incoming 6th graders and new 7/8 graders get familiar with our building, as they navigate and find their place in our environment. 

As students begin to start the new school year, please make sure you review the Student Code of Conduct with them.  The Student Code of Conduct is designed to ensure students are safe, kind, and cooperative with staff, their peers, and with any stakeholders that are on school property.   When students are aware and familiar with expectations in the Code of Conduct, they are able to adhere to policies.  It is very important that students understand and adhere to the dress code and cell phone policy.   Students are expected to put their cellular phones away before they enter the building.  The Code of Conduct was reviewed with students at our annual hallway assemblies on August 30th.   Our assemblies were very interactive and engaging which is hopeful and encouraging.   Parents, your assistance in helping your student understand these expectations is greatly appreciated.

Also, one of our biggest initiatives this year is to ensure diversity, equity and inclusion occur routinely within our buildings.  At the middle school, we want all students to feel safe and comfortable expressing themselves and we must teach them to respect each other, even if they are different from them.  At Lincoln, we want all our students to be world citizens and to work collaboratively with each other.  We strive to ensure all students in our district will develop these six-character traits- Critical Thinking, Empathy, Collaboration, Global Citizens, Adaptability, and Communication.  We believe that these traits will help them become the best version of themselves as they grow into adulthood.

In addition, we are so pleased with everyone for your patience as we work through our transportation issues.  I want to say thank you to our community for displaying patience, kindness, and consideration to ensure our students are safe.  When students are exiting your vehicle, please try to make sure they exit at the curb as this will minimize the chances of an accident occurring.  Student safety is our first priority. 

Lastly, I want to personally thank all our staff, students, parents, and community partners for attending our Open House on Wednesday, August 31st.  It was great to see and hear all the wonderful conversations being spoken about our students.  I also spoke with many parents and I was blown away by the level of enthusiasm and hope for an outstanding year.  The first three days of school have been awesome and we want to continue that momentum.  With this as a small sample size, I am confident that this will be “The Best Year Ever”!

Dates to Remember……:

  • September 1- Picture Day
  • September 2nd and 5th No School
  • September 14th-28th - NWEA Testing
  • September 15th-October 15th-National Hispanic Heritage Month
  • September 16th- Early Release Day
  • September 21st- PS3 meeting 6 pm Media Center
  • September 23rd- Ice Breaker Dance- 5:30pm-7:30 pm
  • September 30th- Popcorn Friday