Assessment Information

Assessment Information for Educators, Parents & Community

The print materials below are also posted on the M-STEP and MME web pages under General Information or Parent/Student Information.

Michigan Department of Education State Assessment Support Materials

Michigan Assessment System: What it is, What it means - And What it Offers
This popular one-page handout has been updated.

Computer Adaptive Testing (CAT) Information 
Computer Adaptive Testing provides students with a customized testing experience and has been used in M-STEP assessments since Spring 2017. This information outlines how it works and the benefits for students, teachers, and schools.

Parent Guide to MI-Access: What it is, What it Means -- What it Offers
This guide provides valuable information for parents of students taking Michigan’s alternate assessment.

How to Read Your Student’s Score Report: Grades 3-8
This guide provides a key to the information you will see on the M-STEP Parent Report.

How to Read Your Student’s Score Report: Grade 11
This guide provides a key to the information you will see on the MME parent report sent home by your child’s school.

Spring 2019 State Assessment Planning Calendar
This calendar shows testing windows for allstate assessments given in Spring 2019. 

Student Testing: What Parents Can Do to Help Students Prepare  
This resource helps put state assessment into perspective and provides practical tips on how families can ease students’ anxieties and foster success.

Multi-Media Materials

These videos below can be found posted under Parent/Student Information on the M-STEP ( and MME ( web pages. Videos are also posted on the Michigan Department of Education’s YouTubeweb page under Assessment Playlist.

Video Assessment Overviews

M-STEP Parent Report Video   5:40 minutes
This updated video provides an easy-to-understand summary of the Michigan Student Test of Educational Progress (M-STEP) assessment and walks viewers through how to read and interpret student scores within the M-STEP and Michigan Merit Exam Parent Reports.
Available on You Tube (

M-STEP Video, Featuring Computer Adaptive Testing   3:46 minutes
This high-quality video was first produced in 2016 and has been updated for Spring 2017. It provides the viewer with an understanding of the connection between state standards, career- and college-readiness, and state assessments. The video also explains Computer Adaptive Testing (CAT) and how it provides more precise information on student learning and growth. Available on YouTube (

M-STEP: What students can expect?   (video) 2:14minutes
This video provides an overview of what students can experience when taking the online M-STEP assessments. The video is rich with images of the assessment’s user-friendly navigation tools and interactive technology-enhanced (TE) items that students will encounter. Students with special needs and the adults who support them can learn more about the accommodations that are built into the assessments—accommodations such as the ability to choose background and text colors, cover up or mask areas of the screen, play audio using a screen reader, and view translations in Spanish.
Available on YouTube: ( 

Michigan Early Literacy and Mathematics Benchmark Assessments Video  5:17 minutes
Early literacy and mathematics are critical milestones in a child’s path to success. This video provides an overview of these benchmark assessments to ensure our youngest learners are on track and have the learning foundation to be ready to read by the end of third grade. Available on YouTube: (