Work Permits and Forms

Work Permit Information and Forms

Who needs a Work Permit?
Any minor who is 11 up to 18 years of age and not specifically exempted from the Youth Employment Standards Act (P.A. 90 of 1978) and who works in a paid or unpaid position, must have a work permit. The minimum age of employment is 14 years, except that a minor 11 years of age or older may be employed as a golf or bridge caddy.

Work Permits in Michigan Fact Sheet

Forms can be picked up from the High School Main Office or can be printed by clicking the links below.

The "Applicant" and "Employer" sections of the form must be fully completed before they can be signed by school personnel.  Completed forms can be returned to the High School Office between 7am - 3:00pm. For more information or any questions, please call 734-484-7000 ext. 7005.

CA-6 for minors UNDER 16 years of age
Must be printed in landscape with instructions on the back.

CA-7 for minors 16 and 17 years of age
Instructions must be printed on the back to be valid.