Upper House Camp

Bishop Elementary

Bishop Elementary has a multi-age learning environment utilizing the High/Scope model of curriculum delivery. At Bishop, different aged students are combined into the same classrooms which are divided into grade-level houses; Lower (K-1), Middle (2-3), and Upper (4-5). Students have the opportunity to mentor younger students and be mentored by older students.

The High/Scope model of instruction focuses on self-directed learning and responsibility. The daily schedule is designed to accommodate individual needs and interests.


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How Lincoln Consolidated Schools uses multi-age classrooms to make a difference

Elementary Spanish immersion program has students fluent by 5th grade


2021 SI


Students in Spanish Immersion are taught the identical curriculum, however, the classroom language is Spanish. English is introduced later, allowing students to leave elementary school at grade level in two languages.

Lincoln’s Spanish Immersion program is the only program of its kind in Washtenaw County and one of the few language immersion programs in Michigan. It is housed in Bishop Elementary and utilizes the High/Scope model of curriculum delivery.


Lincoln Consolidated School District is excited to announce our partnership with My Future Fund. Through the My Future Fund program, eligible 1st-5th grade students will get free money and support to jump-start their savings for college and career training. The My Future Fund program is operated by the Washtenaw Intermediate School District in collaboration with the Washtenaw County Government. Please visit www.myfuturefund.org for more information. 

My Future Fund Press Release


SplitterCommunity.com is the home of all of our Community Education programming.  Check out our After School Programs, Dance, Kenpo Karate, Soccer, Swim and Tumbling Programs.   

Extra Set of Clothes We encourage each student to have an extra set of seasonally-appropriate clothes to keep in their locker. We never know when a student will get muddy out at recess, have a spill at lunch, or have another mishap throughout the day. An extra set of clothes kept at school can really help in a pinch. Thank you!
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Abigail Smith
Bishop Elementary

Bishop Office:  
Office: (734) 484-7074
Fax:     (734) 484-7064

School Hours
School: 9:00 AM - 3:54 PM

9:00 AM -11:54 AM
Early Release:
9:00 AM -1:44 PM

Absences:  (734) 484-7074 


 (734) 484-7044

Friday, June 9th

Students K-5 Elementary report half-day;
Elementary teacher work day pm
Childs will be let out at 10:54 am
Bishop and Brick will be let out at 11:54 am

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