Board of Education

In compliance with the Open Meetings Act, all Board decisions are made during meetings. Anyone may attend our board meetings.  It is our hope that you will leave our meetings with a better understanding of your public schools and the school board that you have elected.

Public Comments

We welcome your comments and questions during the time set aside in the meeting for public comment. This is the time set aside by the Board to hear from the members of our community. You are invited to address the Board with any comments, questions or concerns regarding board actions, policies, or other issues not resolved through appropriate administrative channels.

You may also present a concern to the board during the time reserved for hearing public comments If this is the case, we ask that you follow the same protocol already outlined when addressing the school board.

When you address the board during the Public Comments section of the meeting, we will listen carefully to your statement. In compliance with board policy, the board will not immediately respond to concerns presented this evening, however, if a response is needed we will respond to inquiries on or before the next board meeting.  Comments made at a board meeting are part of the public record.

Please follow our normal protocol:

  • As you begin your remarks, please state your name and address for the record.
  • Keep your comments brief and to the point. Board policy limits individual comments to five minutes or less
  • Do not reflect adversely on the political or economic view, ethnic background, character, or motives of any individual.
  • Comments with respect to the performance of specific district employees are not appropriate. 
  • Remember that rules of common courtesy apply and we strongly encourage positive feedback

Other Comments/Questions

If you prefer, please write any comments and questions with your phone number and submit to the superintendent, who will respond.

Governance Clock


Jennifer Czachorski

Term expires 12/31/26

Jennifer LaBombarbe

Vice President
Term expires 12/31/26

Allison Sparks
Secretary & LRN Representative
Term expires 12/31/24

Thomas Rollins

Treasurer & WASB Representative 
Term expires 12/31/26

Matt Bentley
Term expires 12/31/28

Jason Moore
Term expires 12/31/24

Lauren Smith
Term expires 12/31/24