Lincoln Schools Enrollment

Registration is available 24/7 online and includes scanning and attaching all required documents.


Thank you for enrolling with Lincoln, once your registration is viewed and processed the building your child will attend will contact you with a start date and transportation information (if applicable). 

Please read and follow the instructions carefully. Incomplete registrations will delay the student(s)'enrollment.

Kindergarten-Grade12 Student Enrollment 
(residents of Lincoln Consolidated Schools)

Please read and follow the instructions carefully. Incomplete registrations will delay the student(s)'enrollment.

Prepare required documentation listed below:
REQUIRED documentation to enroll at Lincoln Consolidated Schools:

  1. Birth Certificate
  2. Parent State Photo ID/Drivers License/Passport
  3. a current doctors' Official Immunization Record
  4. One (1) proof of residency (current address)
  • Your Purchase Agreement / Mortgage Statement
  • Your copy of a Rent / Lease Agreement 
  • Your Property Tax Bill
  • Your current water, gas, or electric bill or turn on notice 
  • Your voter ID card

Additional Attachments when applicable:

  • Individualized Educational Placement
  • Health Appraisal (well-check)-Young 5 and Kindergarten only
  • Transcript-High School

A shared housing affidavit is required when the parent/legal guardian is not the resident homeowner/lessee.  Please send an email to to request the form.          

Part 1: Register using the Registration Gateway  


Part 2:  To complete your registration please submit all documents (one student per upload) using the LINCOLN ENROLLMENT SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS UPLOAD link.
Lay the documents on a flat surface when using the camera feature on your phone. We will ask you to resubmit any of the documents that are not legible 

The registration will not move to the next step until all required documents are submitted. DO NOT EMAIL DOCUMENTS.

Scan and Upload Helpful Steps

What to Expect Next:

After you have submitted your accurate and complete registration, enrollment services will review and verify. Once processed your enrollment information is submitted to the building or virtual academy.  The building or LVA will assign your student(s) to their class or classes. You will receive an email with a start date, building contacts, and transportation information (if applicable). 









Focus on the whole child – Academically, Socially, Emotionally, and Physically

  • Great Start Readiness Preschool
  • Early Childhood Special Education
  • Evaluation and Support Services
  • Tuition-based Pre-school

Head Start GSRP

The Washtenaw Quality Preschool Partnership is a collaboration of local school districts and community-based providers who offer the State of Michigan (GSRP) and federally (Head Start) funded preschool services for low to moderate-income families.

Children who attend a high-quality program in the year or two before kindergarten are better prepared for school academically, socially, and emotionally.

Please visit the website below. This is the first step in the process to apply for free preschool. It helps us connect you with the program that you feel is best for your family. After completing the interest form, you will still need to complete a full application along with providing your income information.

Michigan Preschool at Lincoln Consolidated Schools

Special Education Evaluation Registration

Incoming Kindergarten students previously enrolled in the Early Childhood Center at Model are required to complete the online registration and attach the required documentation at the end of the (rg) registration. 




Bienvenido a LCS Elementary (subtítulos en español)

مرحبًا بك في مدرسة LCS الابتدائية (ترجمة عربية)


21/22 Parent Kindergarten Information 

Childs Elementary

Childs Information Night Presentation and Recording

Bishop Elementary

Bishop Information Night Presentation

Bishop Kindergarten Information Night Meeting Recording

Spanish Immersion

Bishop Spanish Immersion Information Night Presentation

Bishop Spanish Immersion Information Night Meeting Recording

Brick Elementary

Brick Information Night Presentation

Brick Kindergarten Information Night Meeting Recording


Young 5 Kindergarten

Starting school is a very exciting time for children and their families! It begins a new chapter in their lives and sets the tone for children's future. But kindergarten standards and curriculum have changed over the years, and many of the skills children were once taught in first grade are now expected in kindergarten. This can make the transition into kindergarten difficult for some children, and the youngest children entering the kindergarten classroom often struggle to adjust.

Young 5 Kindergarten Brochure

Young 5 Kindergarten FAQ

The good news is that Young 5 kindergarten is giving children an opportunity to learn in a hands-on, interactive way that supports their development while still maintaining the high standards of kindergarten.

Young 5 kindergarten is now being offered to children turning 5 years old between September 1 and December 1 to give them an opportunity develop the social and academic skills and the confidence that will help them succeed in kindergarten and beyond.

What is Young 5 Kindergarten?

Young 5 kindergarten is a bridge between preschool and kindergarten for children turning 5 years old between September 1st and December 1st. Young 5 gives young learners a head start and provides them with an opportunity to learn and grow in an environment that is tailored to meet their academic and social needs.

Young 5 Kindergarten:

Is part of the public school system and is free for families

Uses a unique, specialized curriculum that is based on the kindergarten standards and is designed to support young 5-year-olds

Is taught by credentialed teachers with extra training to teach young kindergarten students.

What Happens in a Young 5 Kindergarten Classroom?

In Young 5 kindergarten, teachers help children develop social skills through activities that build confidence and communication. They also expose children to reading and math in an exciting, interactive way by using educational games to teach children about words and sentences and help them understand mathematical concepts like counting and patterns.

Classroom facility and teacher: Young 5 kindergarten students have their own classroom with their own teacher.

Length of the school day: They go to school every day from START TIME to END TIME

Shared activities: They participate in all kindergarten activities such as music and art throughout the year.

Curriculum and learning: They learn important new skills that build on what they may have learned in preschool and help them adjust to the elementary school environment.

Learning environment:  They learn by working with the teacher in small and large groups and also have opportunities for independent exploration.

Why is Young 5 Kindergarten Good for Kids?

Young 5 kindergarten provides children with an opportunity to learn in an enriching and academically challenging environment that nurtures their growth.   Research shows that children who attend kindergarten readiness programs like Young 5 Kindergarten are more likely to do well in school and attend college.

Parents recognize the benefits of Young 5 kindergarten, and many parents have already been enrolling their children in similar programs, public and private, for years. Offering Young 5 kindergarten will help all of our kids get the best start possible, with a curriculum that is designed just for them.

Who Attends Young 5 Kindergarten?

Children must turn 5 years old on or before September 1st to enroll in kindergarten. Previously, children could be enrolled in kindergarten if they turned 5 years old by December 1st. While this change of a few months may seem small, it can mean a big difference during these early years when children are rapidly growing and developing.

Young 5 kindergarten is now being offered so the children whose birthdays between September 2nd and December 1st will have an opportunity to continue building their skills and abilities. Their time in Young 5 kindergarten will help them to succeed in kindergarten, become leaders in the classroom, and confidently navigate the school day routine.

Health Appraisal Form
New Student Immunization Requirements
Immunization Waiver Policy

Enrollment Link

Vaccines Required for School Entry in Michigan All Kindergarteners and 4-6 year old transfer students Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis (DTP, DTaP, Tdap) :4 doses DTP or DTaP 1 dose must be at or after 4 years of age  Polio :4 doses, 3 doses if dose 3 was given at or after 4 years of age Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR):2 doses at or after 12 months of age Hepatitis B: 3 doses  Meningococcal Conjugate (MenACWY): None Varicella (Chickenpox)*: 2 doses at or after 12 months of age or Current lab immunity or History of varicella disease  All 7th Graders and 7-18 year old transfer students Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis (DTP, DTaP, Tdap) :4 doses diphtheria and tetanus or 3 doses if 1st dose given at or after 1 year of age 1 dose Tdap at 11 years of age or older upon entry into 7th grade or higher  Polio :4 doses, 3 doses if dose 3 was given at or after 4 years of age Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR):2 doses at or after 12 months of age Hepatitis B: 3 doses  Meningococcal Conjugate (MenACWY): 1 dose at 11 years of age or older upon entry into 7th grade or higher  Varicella (Chickenpox)*: 2 doses at or after 12 months of age or Current lab immunity or History of varicella disease



  • Multi-age learning environment utilizing High/Scope model
  • Multi-age Classrooms
  • Spanish Immersion - the only elementary immersion program in the area**  Spanish Immersion Interest Form
  • Michigan Green School
  • Student-Designed Assemblies
  • Plan-Do-Review Choice Time



  • Focus on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math – STEM
  • Engineering is Elementary Program
  • Maker Space: Making things is a great way to learn!
  • Engineer In-Residence
  • Works with students and
  • serves as trainer for staff

After-School Classes

Engineering, Robotics, Programming, 3D Design, 3-D Printing and 3-D Scanning, Family Engineering Nights



  • Family and community-inclusive approach
  • Community Service
  • Drama Club
  • PALS (Peers achieving lifelong success
  • Peer Mediation
  • Active PTO
  • Family Fun Nights
  • Fun Run
  • Annual Musical
  • Staff Appreciation Week




Team-based classrooms with enrichment & support opportunities

  • WEB (Where Everyone Belongs) for New Students
  • Athletics
  • Award-winning performing & fine arts
  • LMS Drama
  • National Junior Honor Society
  • Student of the Month/Top 15 Honors Recognition
  • Project Healthy Schools
  • Spanish 1 & 2


High School


Rigorous academic courses with AP classes, CTE options, online learning & college credit opportunities

  • Award-winning Performing & Fine Arts
  • AP (Advanced Placement)
  • Athletics
  • Dual Enrollment
  • LinkCrew New Student Transitions
  • Career Tech Options
  • Extra-Curricular Activities
  • National Honor Society
  • Key Club
  • Link Crew Leaders
  • Drama Club
  • Class Officers
  • Student Council
  • Computer Club
  • Math Club
  • Cultural Diversity Forum

Other groups & clubs are formed each year based on the opportunities that students wish to pursue

For the 2021-2022 school year, we are asking families requesting to attend the LCS Virtual Academy to email Vicki Coury,  Please provide your students' name (s), building, and grade.   

Thank you!

Lincoln Consolidated Schools opens the NEW Virtual Academy

As COVID-19 spread through Michigan and the world, school districts quickly created online learning opportunities for families.  Lincoln Consolidated Schools is making the LCS Virtual Academy a permanent part of the school community.

The district explored the addition of the virtual learning option prior to the pandemic. There are students and families within the Lincoln district that prefer and thrive in a virtual setting. 

LCS Virtual Academy is open to all students from kindergarten through high school. LCS Virtual Academy students receive instruction from Lincoln teachers. Students will receive the same educational opportunities and extracurricular activities as their peers that attend in-person instruction. The virtual instruction and class assignments are completed remotely, as it fits best in their daily schedule. LCS Virtual Academy students are part of our Lincoln family and can build relationships with our students and staff.

The LCS Virtual Academy offers an at-home learning environment supported by professional educators. The new LCS Virtual Academy is a perfect option for students who are successful in a remote setting.

Lead Administrator
Regina Winborn
734-484-7000 X 2099



Lincoln Consolidated Schools has been granted District Accreditation from the AdvancED Accreditation Commission and is recognized across the nation as a quality school system.


Every building has SMARTboards and ELMO Document Cameras in every classroom, as well as iPad & laptop cards, building-wide wireless access, and technology education computer labs.TECHNOLOGY


MIchigan Vaccination Requirements

Not sure if you live in the school district please use 
Find My School District Link.

At Monday’s meeting (8/9/2021), the Board of Education voted to accept the Back-to-School COVID protocols recommended by Administration. As we have over the past school year, our approach will be focused on safety for both students and staff. Our goal is to keep students choosing to attend in-person five days a week in school. We realize that our plan needs to be fluid and flexible. With that being said we will start the year with the following guidelines for our instructional day inside all of our buildings.


Masks recommended for All Students, Staff and Visitors

Masks Required on Buses


Masks Required for Students/Staff in Grades 6 and Below (may change as vaccination age changes)

Masks Highly Recommended for Students and staff in Grades 7 and Above

Masks required for Visitors

Masks Required on Buses

Substantial -Orange 

Masks Required for All Students, Staff, and Visitors

Masks Required on Buses

High-Red - Current as of 9/7/2021

Masks Required for All Students, Staff, and Visitors

Other Mitigation Strategies Increased

Masks Required on Buses

While we are following the CDC/health department color system, the current protocol level/color will be determined and communicated by the district. Look for more information on additional requirements and mitigation measures directly from your school building closer to the start of school. 



Enrollment Office Contacts:


Phone: 734-484-7099
Fax:      734-484-1212




School Districts Requesting School of Choice Student Discipline information can email the request form to


Lincoln Brochures

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