Counseling Resources

Our community has suffered multiple losses this year and we are concerned that some students will have difficulty coping with additional trauma-related experiences. Please take the time to listen to your child and give them a chance to tell you how they are feeling.

Grief and Loss Resources

Washtenaw Alive Resource List

Children and Grief Parent Handout

Crisis Support Especially for Teens

Ways to Help Your Child and Yourself-page 1

Ways to Help Your Child and Yourself-page 2

When Should I Be Concerned?


Below are suicide and crisis line numbers;

  • Ozone House Crisis Line:                                 734-662-2222
  • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline:             800-273-8255

For emergency treatment services, the county crisis line is available 24/7 at 734-544-3050 for assistance if needed. 

Washtenaw Alive Suicide Prevention Coalition

National Suicide Prevention LIfeline


What parents need to know about "bullycide"