Welcome to the Lincoln Consolidated Schools Curriculum Department.   We are in the process of making our entire curriculum available electronically in a parent friendly format for parents, prospective parents, and community members.    Currently all of our curriculum documents are available for language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies for grades K-8.  Curriculum documents for grades 9-12 will be made available soon.  Simply click one of the links below to see all of our available curriculum links.  Once inside, you can click on the on the appropriate grade level and subject.  In the documents you will find the Essential Overview of Units, Priority Content Standards, and the Essential Vocabulary for each subject and grade level.  We hope that this will assist you in not only understanding what is taught at each grade level, but also in helping your child at home.  As we continue to update our electronic versions of the documents, we will add them to the website.

Elementary Curriculum

Middle School Curriculum

Over the last couple of years we have added several new programs in our Advanced Placement programming, Project Lead the Way Engineering classes at the middle and high schools, and our Summer Skills and Engineering Academies.  Additionally, several tutoring and enrichment opportunities are available after school as well as credit recovery.  We encourage you to inquire with your building administrator.

On behalf of the entire staff we are committed to providing your students the best education possible, and you can expect many more new, innovative things to come.  If you should have any questions, do not hesitate to contact any of us at the numbers or email addresses below.

Kevin Upton
734-484-7000 x7445
Laurie Price
734-484-7000 x7658