Scheduling Information for the 2022-23 School Year

2022-23 Course Selection and Scheduling Process

Helpful Information to Review Before you Start:

Class of 2023 (12th grade)

Class of 2024 (11th grade)

Class of 2025 (10th grade)

Class of 2026 (9th grade)

Email your LHS Counselor with any questions you may have.


Complete any required applications and submit to your LHS counselor.




Required Applications and Course Request Forms

Science Independent Study class application

South and West Washtenaw Consortium Applications

Dual Enrollment (This contract must be submitted as well as any forms specific to the college you wish to dual enroll in.  Contact your LHS counselor for more information.)

Online Course Request Form -- For a complete listing of online courses offered visit or meet with your counselor.

MIAT application