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UPDATE 1/8/21

If you have already registered your student(s) for transportation for the 2020/21 school year, you do NOT need to register them again at this time. Thank You!


Transportation Hotline 734-484-7079



Dear Lincoln Consolidated School Families,

The health and safety of our students and staff are of paramount importance to us. You will see some changes in transportation for the 2020-2021 school year as we work to comply with safety protocols in the MI Safe Schools Roadmap. 

Lincoln Consolidated Schools requires a completed Request for Student Transportation Form for each student utilizing school bus transportation to reserve his or her seat on the bus. *
*(ECSE & GSRP students are not required to complete)

How to Request Transportation:

  • Complete the online Request for Student Transportation Form for each student. You will be contacted by email if there are any questions regarding your form.
  • Once your request form has been completed, your student will be assigned to a route with your stop information and time. 
  • Please allow 5 business days for this process to be completed. 

Bus Transportation will only be assigned for students who have completed the request form. Students without an assigned bus are not permitted to ride the bus.

Be advised that as we restart schools and transition between blended learning, hybrid, and face to face school instruction, routes and times may change. Any changes will be communicated as quickly as possible so parents can make adjustments to their schedules. Student ridership will be periodically reviewed and updated to ensure that routes are as safe and efficient as possible for students.

Currently, transportation will offer a one-stop service for each student. Students are only permitted to ride the bus to and from their assigned stop location Monday through Friday.

Parents/Guardians and students must read and understand the Lincoln Consolidated Schools Transportation Rules and Guidelines. Your signature is required to acknowledge the failure to follow the rules will result in disciplinary actions up to and including bus privileges being revoked for this school year.

Thank You,

Your Transportation Department


Dear Lincoln Consolidated Families,

The Transportation Department's employees are the first district employees to greet your students in the morning and the last district employees to see them in the evening. We do not simply transport students from home to school and back again. We strive to safely transport students so that they are emotionally prepared to be educated. 

Bus transportation is an important function at Lincoln Consolidated Schools.  Bus transportation is not mandated by law, but provided as a service to the students of the District. In order for transportation to work, we must have the cooperation of parents and students.

We believe the information contained in the following policies will help everyone understand the importance of student transportation. The Michigan Department of Education, the Legislature, and the Michigan State Police also develop rules and regulations that govern the activities of the Transportation Department. Please click here for the Michigan Department of Education Pupil Transportation FAQ.

Please note: video cameras will be in use on any LCS transportation vehicle.




Bob Merritt


Berneitia Johnson
Kimberly Kratzer

Fax: 734-484-7073

Office Hours
6:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Transportation Hotline:

(734) 484-7079
For your convenience, the transportation hotline is updated twice a day. The line will inform you of any school closings, school delays, road closures, or late buses during the school year.


Bus Team



  • Half day drop off times are approximately 4 hrs earlier than your students normal drop off time.
  • Early release drop off times are approximately 2 hrs 15 min earlier than your students normal drop off time.