LEAO Application Form

This application form is for use by LEAO union members only. Submission of this application by internal employees is all that is required from LEAO members seeking a new, different, or supplementary position posted within the Lincoln Consolidated School District.

This application will be placed on file and given full consideration, as outlined in Article X, Qualifications & Posting, prior to selection. Following official determination, each LEAO applicant will receive a copy of this form with a response from the Personnel Office. This form must be accurate and complete prior to forwarding to the Personnel Office.

Please fill in ALL information requested.

Please write personal remarks in the space provided.
Help for Personal Remarks Please write personal remarks in the space provided.
Note: A resume and/or cover letter are not required for application to any vacant position within the LEAO. An employee shall not be penalized or discriminated against due to the absence of aforementioned documentation: Resume and/or cover letter. If you would like a copy of this form, please print before hitting submit, or you can request a copy from Human Resources.
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