School Menus

Due to current food supply chain issues across the country, menu items may change at the last minute due to delivery shortages. Thank you for your patience.

May 2022 Elementary Breakfast

May 2022 Elementary Lunch

May 2022 MS/HS Breakfast

May 2022 MS/HS Lunch


June 2022 Elementary Breakfast

June 2022 Elementary Lunch

June 2022 MS/HS Breakfast

June 2022 MS/HS Lunch





Your student might be eligible for free or reduced-price school meals!
Learn more! 
Are you eligible? Don't forget to complete your NEW school year 21-22 Free and Reduced Application!  You can print and complete a paper application, or you can log into your Lunch Account Login and complete online. 

REMINDER: Lunch Account balances (positive or negative) carry over to the new school year




Breakfast @ Lincoln!

If there is a way to be less hurried in the morning, would you take advantage of it?  If there is a way to improve your child’s grades, would you consider it worthwhile?  Breakfast at school could be the answer!

These days, finding the time to fit a healthy breakfast into your child’s daily routine, is probably just as difficult as fitting it into your own.  Studies show that children who acquire the breakfast habit early are less likely to develop illness, while successful in maintaining a healthy weight, good grades, solid attendance, and overall performance.
Breakfast is available at all buildings within Lincoln’s district.  If your children qualify for free or reduced priced lunch, they also qualify for free or reduced priced breakfast!