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Breakfast @ Lincoln!

If there is a way to be less hurried in the morning, would you take advantage of it?  If there is a way to improve your child’s grades, would you consider it worthwhile?  Breakfast at school could be the answer!

These days, finding the time to fit a healthy breakfast into your child’s daily routine, is probably just as difficult as fitting it into your own.  Studies show that children who acquire the breakfast habit early are less likely to develop illness, while successful in maintaining a healthy weight, good grades, solid attendance, and overall performance.
Breakfast is available at all buildings within Lincoln’s district.  The price is $1.20 and menus can be found at each school or on our website, under the Food Service tab.  If your children qualify for free or reduced priced lunch, they also qualify for free or reduced priced breakfast!


As of May 1st, per district policy each year, there is no longer a grace period for paid or reduced students to charge meals at the elementary level.  It is expected that students bring money or have money in their accounts in order to purchase breakfast or lunch.


Did You Know?

Here at Lincoln Consolidated Schools:

  • We offer fresh fruits and vegetables every day
  • At all levels all bread and buns are whole grain  
  • Our cheeses, milk, salad dressings, and meat selections are low-fat varieties
  • Our chicken products are Tyson brand and are never fried, only baked
  • All regular lunch meals include 2 ounces lean protein, at least one grain serving, fruit, vegetable, and calcium and protein rich milk
  • Our breakfast and lunch menus adhere to the nutritional guidelines set forth by the USDA
  • We are working to make secondary a la carte options healthier.  Changes made so far include: only baked chips, smaller serving sizes, low or no calorie beverages; candy or soda is never sold in the food service program.  
  • No food items are fried in the district.


Lincoln District Food Service Procedures

Students not eligible for free meals are expected to maintain a positive balance in their food service accounts in order to purchase breakfast, lunch, or a la carte items.  If they do not have money in their accounts, they are expected to bring lunch from home.  Students are given numerous verbal and written reminders if their account balance is nearing or at  zero.  Once the account balance is depleted, the following policies are in effect:

Elementary students: May charge up to two meals if their account is negative or zero.  After two meals, a regular breakfast/lunch will not be provided.  After May 1st, there is no longer a grace period and charging is not allowed.

MS/HS students: May not charge any meals, but they may purchase a regular school meal with cash.  Negative balances must be brought current before any a la carte item may be purchased, even with cash.

The computer software used by the Food Service Department tracks deposits and food purchases.  It is important that your student use his/her lunch account only.  Sharing accounts is not allowed.  Middle School and High School students will be required to show school ID before using his/her account.  Deposits may be made in any amount, but no change is given.  Please do not send your student to school with $50 or $100 bills, these cannot be broken and must be deposited in full.



What is a regular lunch meal??

A regular lunch meal is the meal at the regular meal price or can qualify for the free or reduced meal price.  It consists of an entree item (including bread and protein), a fruit, a vegetable, and a milk.  Students must take three of these items for the meal to qualify as a "regular meal".  One component MUST be a fruit or vegetable.  If they take less than three components or more than the five, they will be charged the a la carte price for each item.  

At the secondary level; french fries, chips, slush, cookies, bottled drinks, etc... are NOT included in the regular lunch meal.  These are strictly available for purchase separately.


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