As Director of Curriculum and Instruction I work collaboratively with district administration, principals, building instructional leadership teams and teachers to develop, provide support for and implement data-driven school improvement plans. My focus is to ensure continued student growth and increased student achievement. 

My role requires that I utilize effective leadership and efficient management techniques to support curriculum, instruction, feedback and assessment efforts; facilitate assessment data collection and analyses; to identify professional development needs, including opportunities to facilitate integration of technology for the purpose of enhancing instruction, innovation and student learning.

My duties also include the coordination of district-wide state and federal grant management. Within that role I provide leadership that ensures compliance with federal/state regulations and promotes effective intervention programs for students across the district. I am also responsible for overseeing grant program priorities, activities, and plans with all stakeholders to ensure program efficiency, accountability, and concordance with achievement targets and district improvement plans.

Kevin Upton
Director of Curriculum & Instruction

Kevin Upton
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