Transparency Reporting

Documents required by law for Budget and Salary/Compensation Transparency Reporting will be posted here.


Budgets & Amendments

2019-20 FY Board Approved Budget

2018-19 FY Board Approved Budget - Amended June 24, 2019

2017-18 FY Board Approved Budget- Amended June 25, 2018

2016-17 FY Board Approved Budget - Amended June 26, 2017

015-16 FY Board Approved Budget - Amended May 9, 2016

014-15 FY Board Approved Budget - Amended June 22, 2015

13-14 FY Board Approved Budget - Amended June 30, 2014

Deficit Elimination Plan

MDE Letter - Deficit Eliminated

Audited Financial Statements

2017-18 Audited Financial Statements

2016-17 Audited Financial Statements

2015-16 Audited Financial Statements

2014-15 Audited Financial Statements

2013-14 Audited Financial Statements

2012-13 Audited Financial Statements

2011-12 Audited Financial Statements

2010-11 Audited Financial Statements

2009-10 Audited Financial Statements


Board Policies

Board Policy 6320 - Purchasing

Board Policies 3440 and 6550 - Reimbursable Expenses

Current Bargaining Agreements

Lincoln Education Association (LEA) 2018-2019 Master Agreement 

Lincoln Education Associates Organization (LEAO) 2016-2019 Master Agreement


Lincoln Administrator's Association (LAA) 2017-2019 Master Agreement

Employer Sponsored Health Care Plans

Health Benefits:  LEA/LAA

Detailed Description-MESSA Choices - $ 0 Deductible; Rx $5/$10

Detailed Description-MESSA Choices - $ 100 Deductible; Rx $10/$20

Detailed Description-MESSA Choices - $200 Deductible; Rx $10/$40

Summary of Deductibles and Co-Pays

Dental Benefits:  LEA/LAA

Vision Benefits:  LEA/LAA

Detailed Description-VSP 3

Health Benefits:  LEAO 

    Detailed Description Medical Benefits

Dental Benefits:  LEAO

    Detailed Description Dental Benefits Plan

    Detailed Description Dental Benefits Plan w/o COB

Health Benefits:  Teamsters and Non-Union Administrators

        Detailed Description Medical Plan Benefits 

Dental Benefits:    Teamsters and Non-Union Administrators

        Detailed Description Dental Benefits Plan - Teamsters

        Detailed Description Dental Benefits Plan - Non-Union Administrators

LEAO, Teamsters  & Non-Affiliate Employees Vision Benefits

        Detailed Description Vision Benefits Plan

Medical Benefit Plan Bids

No bids requested

Personnel Expenditures

2017-18 Personnel Expenditures

Operating Expenditures

2017-18 Operating Expenditures

Employee Compensation Information

2018 Employee Compensation Exceeding $100,000

Association Dues Paid in 2017/18

District Paid Dues

District Paid Lobbying Costs


Accounts Payable Check Register

2017-2018 Check Register

Trust & Agency Check Register

2017-2018 Check Register

Credit Card Information

District Purchasing Card Info

Out-of-State Travel Information


Educator Evaluation Systems Postings and Assurances

Teacher Evaluation Postings and Assurances
Administrator Evaluation Postings and Assurances 
Superintendent Evaluation Postings and Assurances 


Teacher-Admin Evaluation Training Plan

Teacher Evaluation

Teacher Evaluation Process 2019-20