School Improvement

School Improvement Plans

As you may or may not know, the state of Michigan requires that every school has a school improvement plan that is mutually developed by stakeholders involved in the school and community that outlines strategic goals, objectives, and strategies to improve student achievement and the overall educational experience for all schools.

Lincoln Consolidated Schools have school improvement teams in each building as well as a district improvement team comprised of members of the individual building teams, district administrators, and a member of the board of education.  The district team exists to provide oversight of the district improvement plan, which in turn provides direction for the building plans.

On November 11-13, 2013, Lincoln Consolidated Schools will be going through a Quality Assurance Review from AdvancED, and we are seeing District Accreditation under AdvancED's accreditation standards.  Although each of our schools has been accredited in the past, we are now pursuing district level accreditation.  The purpose of this external review is to:


  • Evaluate the school system's adherence to the AdvandED Accreditation Standards for Quality School Systems (available at;
  • Review  the  school  system's  framework  for  continuous improvement and  its  impact  on student performance and overall system effectiveness;
  • Examine the school system's procedures for monitoring and maintaining quality assurance;
  • Assess our School System's Student Achievement Data and Stakeholder Perception Data;
  • Identify  strengths   in  the  school  system's  programs  and  processes  that  are  deserving of commendations;
  • Provide substantive, focused, and powerful Required Actions to strengthen the school system;
  • Deliver a brief exit report to school system officials and the community; and
  • Prepare a written report that reflects the External Review Team's professional observations along with the team's recommendation for accreditation.

School improvement goals are written based district and building level data and meant to cover 3-5 years of implementation.  The goals' specific objectives and strategies are reviewed annually to evaluate progress,   and to make revisions where necessary. based on the improvement of the measurable targets.